LIHERALD: (June 13, 2016) Brandeis students raise over $2,250 for cancer research

Five Towns Herald (January 5, 2016) :”Celebrating Hanukkah and Kindness” Brandeis School students create ‘Pillowcases for Pediatrics’ for hospital patients.

LIHerald (May, 2015) Shavuot celebrated in lawrence

Nassau Herald Article (December 25, 2014) “Celebrating Hanukkah in Lawrence”…The Brandeis School Hosts Menorah Lighting

Five Towns Herald (June 2013) The Brandeis School: Students raise nearly $2,000 for Leukemia + Lymphoma Society

Five Towns, NY Patch – Miriam Herman’s Blog (May 2013) The Brandeis School: Engaging in Acts of Kindness throughout the Community.

New York Post (April 2013) The Brandeis School held a panel discussion titled “Juvenile Trauma: Signs, Symptoms and Response.”

Five Towns Patch (March 2013) The Brandeis School Places Priority on Jewish Identity – Newest head of school discusses what makes the Lawrence institution stand out. 

Five Towns Herald (May 2012) The Brandeis boardwalk stroll raises more than $3,000 – Sixth graders at The Brandeis School organized a Walkathon to raise money to provide care to severely disabled children in Israel.

Five Towns Patch (May 2011) Solar From the Mouths of Babes: In honor of Earth Day, EcoOutfitters hit the streets and partnered with Mercury Solar Systems for a school-wide presentation at The Brandeis School.