Parents’ Association

The Brandeis Parents’ Association (PA) is an integral part of our school. Our mission is to enrich the school experience. Working in conjunction with the school, the PA oversees many functions which our students and our many parent volunteers enjoy. Some of the notable activities are the Welcome Back Event, Erev Shabbat Lunches, Chanukah Crafts Program, Purim Carnival, Passover Model Seders, Yom Ha’atzmaut Lunch and Lag Ba’omer Barbeque. We strive to bring a broad spectrum of cultural events and programs to our children on diverse topics such as music appreciation, science, and social awareness. In addition, the Brandeis PA organizes the Buddy System and Welcome Baskets to greet our new families, arranges for Staff Recognition Day, and provides Chanukah and end of year gifts to all Brandeis teachers and staff.

The PA is funded solely through fundraising activities and through the collection of annual PA dues. Our policy is to invest funds we receive into the school to enhance our children’s experience at Brandeis. Only through hard work, dedication and support of our parents can the PA be effective – parental involvement and assistance are vital to the success of our programs. We encourage all parents to become involved. Parents may reach us at:

Warm regards,
Karen Nessim and Erin Guntmacher
Parents’ Association Co-Presidents

  • 2016-2017 PA Executive Officers

    Esther DeMarco
    Joe Levy

    Rebecca Blank
    Linda Gordon
    Roxanne Schebovitz
    Beth Cohen
    Emilia Stein
    Adi Carucci
    Adi Karutchi
    Sara Thayer
    Linda Shabtay
    Havna Zellner
    Karen Nessim
    Liora Lerner

    PA Board Members
    Ilanit Alon
    Tali Dahari
    Christina Davis
    Cipora Eisenberg Simms
    Hadar Stein
    Michelle Yamen

  • Emmy Appelbaum
    Hellen Epstein
    Karen Franco
    Goldy Fried
    Lea Garber
    Debbie Gordon
    Gert Griboff
    Toni Heller
    Roberta Kaylie
    Bonnie Kotler
    Meryl Krasne
    Joan Laufer
    Liora Lerner
    Michelle Levokove
    Marsha Liebman
    Robin Mackston
    Joan Mann
    Sharon Natter
    Karen Nessim
    Debra Parkoff
    Wendy Pusateri
    Joan Riegel
    Evelyne Rubin
    Joyce Rubin
    Susan Sachs
    Shari Salomon
    Judy Schneiderman
    Sheila Schoefeld
    Ronni Seidenberg
    Francene Stauber
    Adele Warshawsky
    Marilyn Wascitz
    Sally Zaklow