Physical Education

The Brandeis Physical Education Program is designed to teach motor skills, improve coordination, build cardiovascular strength and promote teamwork, while always stressing good sportsmanship. Meeting once (grades Pre-K to fifth) or twice (sixth through eighth) each week, every period begins with five to ten minutes of aerobic exercises.

Volleyball, basketball, kickball, indoor and line soccer units, as well as other games, provide opportunities for supervised play and practice of new skills.

The PE curriculum is supplemented by after-school sports clubs for the younger children, after-school track for middle school students and Solomon Schechter basketball league play for grades six through eight.

Early Childhood Physical Education:
Early childhood classes are exploratory in nature, using music, movement and rhythm to develop gross motor skills. Hebrew language is also reinforced to complement our bilingual program.

Elementary Physical Education:
Elementary P.E. builds upon acquired motor skills and adds principles of fitness and lead-up sports skills.

Middle School Physical Education:
The middle school expands on fitness and sports skills and incorporates written tests and quizzes as a means to evaluate student knowledge